Hiding Unwanted Sweeps by Tag

Here at Sweeps Atlas we use a variety of tags on each sweepstakes listing to help you sort and find sweepstakes. You can also use tags to block unwanted sweepstakes. To do this click on Settings at the top of the page. You will see “Hide Search Results For” and a list of tags that you can choose to hide. Use the toggle next to the tag you want to hide and choose Always Hide.

Hiding Unwanted Sweeps by Domain

The primary reason to use a sweeps site like Sweeps Atlas is to make entering sweepstakes and giveaways more efficient. You want to enter as many contests as you possibly can in as little time, so that you can spend the rest of your day being productive or relaxing with your family.

Welcome to Sweeps Atlas

Sweeps Atlas is excited you have joined our community. Our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date list of sweepstakes available on the Internet and provide you tools to manage the sweepstakes you are most interested in entering. We aim to help casual sweepers and those that are serious about sweeping. Below are a couple of tips and tricks to help you use Sweeps Atlas.

Daily Entries with Daily Prizes Sweepstakes

Daily entry sweepstakes allow you to enter every day to increase your odds of winning. Daily prize sweepstakes give away one or more prizes every day. Usually you must enter on that day for the prize of the day. Daily prize contests and giveaways award prizes of gift cards, toys, small appliances, t-shirts, and much more. Daily prizes mean better odds of winning because a winner is usually chosen from only those that enter on that day. Daily Entries with Daily Prizes are the pinnacle of sweepstakes!

World Series Sweepstakes

The World Series is a time for MLB fans to watch the top teams in the league compete in a best of seven championship series. You can enter World Series sweepstakes and giveaways for a chance to win a trip to the World Series and watch the games in person or win a big screen TV and watch at home. Many other prizes will be given away including team merchandise and MLB shop gift cards. We add new sweepstakes daily so check back for more chances to win.

Thanksgiving Sweepstakes

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and getting together with friends and family and eating good food. It’s also a time for Thanksgiving sweepstakes and giveaways where you can win cash, gift cards, trips, food, electronics, and more. At Sweeps Atlas we have all the Thanksgiving sweepstakes listed in one place, with many features and tools you can use to keep them organized and easy to enter. We add new sweepstakes every day so keep coming back for more chances to win.

Christmas Sweepstakes

Christmas is a very busy time for sweepstakes and giveaways as so many companies give away their biggest and best prizes. There is every prize you can imagine like cash, gift cards, trips, electronics, toys, and so much more. We list all the Christmas sweepstakes and Holiday giveaways so all you need to do is enter and win.

Sweeps Atlas Forum

One of the best parts of the sweeper life is the community. There are some really amazing people in this community. They are generous and kind people. Sweeps Atlas was created not only to provide a way for people to track the sweepstakes and giveaways that were important to them, but to also give those people a place to hangout online.

Instant Win Sweepstakes

Win prizes instantly with free instant win sweepstakes and games. We list the best Instant Win Sweepstakes online that are always free to enter. Easy and fun, you can play to win gift cards, cash prizes, food, electronics, and even vacations in an instant. Some of these sweepstakes allow you to enter daily which increases your chances of winning!

New Sweepstakes

Our sweeps database is updated constantly. Every day, all day, our members are looking all over the Internet for new sweeps to add. Sweeps Atlas has the best sweeps tracking system available.

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