Valentine's Day Sweepstakes

Win prizes for your loved one! These special Valentine's Day contests and giveaways will brighten the day of your sweetheart. These online sweepstakes have prizes of chocolate, cash, vacations, and even diamonds! Don't give just any gift to that special someone your love, give them a gift you won!

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How to Add a New Sweep

Note: You must be logged in to add a sweepstakes to Sweeps Atlas

How to Hide Blogs

There are multiple ways to avoid seeing Blogs. The first way is to filter them from the Search results by clicking on a Primary Entry Mode other than Blog Comment.

Vacations and Events Sweepstakes

Trips, vacations and events are some of the most popular sweepstakes. You get to visit places that you would never be able to afford to go. Sometimes you get to participate in events that you never dreamed you would be able to experience. One of our members won a trip to the Super Bowl on a private jet. Disney vacations are also very popular and many of our members have won trips to both California and Florida. These sweepstakes often include tickets for friends and family, which is exciting because you get to spend a lot of time together and they get to see the benefits of being a sweeper.

Food and Beverage Sweepstakes

Foods, Snacks & Chocolate are some sweepers favorite awards. You get to try food items from a brand that you haven’t tried before. You get to experience flavors you have never tried. It opens a whole new adventure for your taste buds! If you like it you can add it to your regular food shopping list. Winning a food or beverage sweepstakes saves you from wasting your hard earned dollars just to find out you don't like it. Everyone wins when sweepers win food, drink and snacks sweepstakes.

Search Tutorial

Here you will learn how to search to find sweeps! With the search function you can search for sweeps you want to enter, or find sweeps that have already ended to see if you won.

Advanced My Sweeps - Collections

Bookmarks are the pro sweeper’s way of organizing their sweeps. They categorize the sweeps based on urgency because they know that they won’t be able to get through every sweep every day. Bookmarks allow the pro sweeper to be confident that they can enter their highest priority sweeps.

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