The primary reason to use a sweeps site like Sweeps Atlas is to make entering sweepstakes and giveaways more efficient. You want to enter as many contests as you possibly can in as little time, so that you can spend the rest of your day being productive or relaxing with your family.

Sweeps Atlas has two primary goals: Sweepstakes Discovery and Sweepstakes Tracking. When it comes to finding new sweeps to enter sometimes the there is a whole class of contests that you are not interested in entering. They are often on the same domain. Sweeps Atlas allows you to hide all Sweeps from a particular domain. You just have to click "Block domain" link and then all Sweeps from that domain will be removed from your search results!

Block domain from search results on Sweeps Atlas

The Sweeps Atlas moderators also add tags to the Sweeps so that you can easily narrow your search results to just the giveaways that you want to see. However, if there is a particular type of sweepstake that you aren't interested in, then you can hide all of those Sweeps by tag. The best example of this is Hiding Blogs. But you can use that capability on any of the tags.

When you don't want to block an entire domain or entire class of sweepstakes, then Sweeps Atlas gives you the Hide Button, which will hide that one particular Sweep. Many of the Sweeps Atlas members love the Hide feature. You will never see that Sweep again unless you click on the Hidden filter on the left menu.

Everyone has different sweepstakes needs. Sweeps Atlas wants to cater to every type of sweeper whether you are focused on the big wins, or just want to enter blog contests, we will help you find the sweeps you love as quickly as possible.

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