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Our filters allow you to find the sweepstakes you love the most. Whether it is Daily entries or blogs, we have a filter for you! We are currently tracking 1984 Sweeps, and our members are adding new sweeps every day.

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Use the Favorite button to add a Sweep to your My Sweeps list. Click the Play button after you have entered a Sweep. We will keep track of every time you have entered a sweepstakes so we can tell you when you should enter again.

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Sweeps Atlas was built from the ground up to make Sweepers lives easier. Our goal is to help Sweepers find new sweeps and keep track of the ones they have entered. Use our Embark button to quickly open the Sweeps that are on the page.

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The blue Play button tells us when you have entered a sweepstakes.

When you click Play, the button turns green to let you know you have entered a Sweep. We know the timing on the Sweeps, so when it is time for you to enter again, we turn the Play button blue again!

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One of our goals from the start was to have a healthy community. We have a terrific forum based on the latest software available. It may be a little different than what you are used to, but we think it is a pretty good upgrade.

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Member Vetstadium says:

It’s been a busy week at work and life but thanks to embark and folders I can hit my priority dailies and squeeze in 5-10 mins each day this week to at least get them in.
He's talking about two of our most awesome features: Embark and Collections. The Embark feature opens every sweep on the screen at the same time. Collections allows you to organize your Sweeps just the way you want them. Whether that is by frequency or importance to you, you have the flexibility to track the Sweeps however you want.

Member its_inevitable says:

Funny how these things work out. Last year at this time I didn’t know what I would do sweeps-wise.

Today I can’t imagine sweeping without hide-a-sweep, unloved, domain blocking which are only available at Sweeps Atlas.

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