The Play button is used to indicate when a sweepstakes has been entered or that it is time to enter again. It is the third icon from the left in the group of icons next to the name of each Sweep record. There are two ways to activate the Play button. The first is to manually click the button after you enter a sweepstakes. The second way is to use Embark to open your sweepstakes. Embark will activate the Play button for every Sweep on the page.

When a sweepstakes had been entered and the Play button has been activated by clicking it or by using Embark, it will turn green. If you hover your mouse over the Play button you will see how many times you have entered that sweepstakes and when you entered last.

The green play button will automatically change back to blue, or unplayed, when it is time to enter again. For example, if the sweepstakes allows for a daily entry, the Play button will stay green until the day after you last entered then it will change back to the unplayed button which lets you know it is time to enter again.

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