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The value of Sweeps Atlas starts with Sweeps Submissions. This is what makes the whole site what it is. The form is very long and detailed, but that is because each of those fields are used by the search engine and allow the Members of Sweeps Atlas to narrow down their searches, or in the case of the Tags and States, block and allow Searches.

The Prize Description must meet the guidelines specifically. We want to ensure that the Sweep records all look similar. This allows users to easily identify the Sweep and decide whether or not they want to enter it. Before you submit a Sweep you should take some time looking at the Prize Descriptions. Understand their structure.

The submission form may seem annoyingly long, but it is what differentiates Sweeps Atlas from everyone else. We go above and beyond to be easier to scan, and faster to find the Sweeps you want to enter. Here are the guidelines for each field:

  1. Sweep Host: The name of the company that is hosting the Sweep. Examples: Coca-Cola, Bob Evans, iHeartRadio
  2. Sweep Name: The marketing name of the Sweep. Don't post "Win a $100 Gift Card" as the name of your sweep because we get a bunch of those and it will be difficult to tell them apart. Examples:
    • Summer Grilling Pack Sweepstakes
    • Digital Marketing for Dummies 2nd Edition Giveaway
    • Musky Fishing Experience Sweepstakes
  3. Entry Mode: If it's a basic form (you enter your name, address, etc, or if you enter your name & email address), mark it as a 'web' entry. If it's a Gleam or Rafflecopter form with a long list of entry options, mark it as a 'multi-platform' entry. On the multi-platform sweeps, if they're all 1x, mark the sweep as a 1x, and in the Tags, click on "additional entries".
  4. URL: This should be the URL for the Sweepstakes itself. Enter the URL and then tab or click on the next input field. If the URL is a duplicate you will be notified by an error message.
  5. Rules URL: This should be the URL for the rules for the Sweepstakes/Giveaway. If there isn't a Rules URL then use the URL for the sweepstakes again.
  6. Restrictions: This is where you list restrictions for the Sweepstakes/Giveaway. Some of the things you may want to note here:
    • Is it limited to specific states?
    • Is shipping limited to specific states?
    • Are certain states excluded from entering?
    • If the age of eligibility something other than 18 (which is the default age to enter, so you don't need to list it). Just note the age if it's something other than 18.
    • This is also where you should note if you need to be a registered member of something to enter.
  7. Prize Description: The description should be formatted: (Count) - Prize description ($ARV). If there are more than one prize please make it a bulleted list. If there is more than one prize for a single award semicolons should be used to separate the list: (5) - A book by The Author; Second Book by Different Author (ARV $30).
  8. Notes: If you're required to upload a photo, note it and explain what the photo should be. If certain people are excluded from entering & winning you should also note that. This is where you explain any oddities of the Sweep.
  9. Start Date: When will the Sweepstakes start? The day you post it is not the start date.
  10. End Date: When does the Sweepstakes end? Be sure to use the correct time zone. Leaving it UTC will cause it to expire earlier than it should. If it's not specified, just use EST
    • A note about dates. If the contest only states "the contest will end in 38 days" you can do a search in Google for 38 days from now and it will give you the answer.
  11. Entry Frequency: How often can you enter? If there's a daily option, mark daily so it's in everyone's daily sweeps. If it's 1x, mark it as a single entry.
  12. Prize Category: What's the prize? A trip? Sports equipment? If there are multiple prizes, tick off all the appropriate boxes. do not need to list "employees of X are not eligible. That's standard. If it's a health-related sweep, it might say "Medicare/Medicaid/AARP members are not eligible", and that should be noted).
  13. Prize Frequency: How often are prizes awarded. Only use "Instant" if it is possible to win immediately after entering. Single is the most frequent answer, if you are unclear, mark it as Single.
  14. Tags. What's the prize ARV? Are there additional entries? Do you need a code? Is it a firearm related sweep? Read each of the Tags and their descriptions.

When entering local sweeps, if the sweep does not have an expiration date, please put one for 30 days out. If it is still going after 30 days, then update the expiration date for another 30 days out. Please make a best guess on the ARV. If you have to make an estimate put estimate next to the ARV. For example:

(estimate ARV: $300)

If you have any questions or if something is unclear, feel free to ask in the forum.

Thank you for helping make Sweeps Atlas the best Sweepstakes site on the Internet!

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