Embarking on the journey to win Sweepstakes, Giveaways, or Contests has never been easier or more exciting. We invite you to take a guided tour of the Sweeps Atlas platform, your ultimate companion in the world of Sweeps. Discover how we streamline the process, making it simple for you to find, track, and enter contests that spark your interest.

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More instructional videos!

  • How to Find your Sweeps - We take a deep dive on searching and finding the Sweeps you want to enter!
  • How to use Play, Embark, and Personal Notes - This is one of our first videos, so please forgive the rough delivery. But it covers core functionality!
  • How to use Tags - We talk about how to use Tags to block Sweeps that you don't want to see.
  • How to Hide Sweeps - Sweeping is about being efficient. We add about 100 new Sweeps every day. You should only be seeing the Sweeps that you want to enter. This video discusses how to remove Sweeps you don't want to see again.

We offer:

  • Ever-Expanding Selection: Our listings are continuously updated, ensuring you never miss out on new sweepstakes opportunities.
  • Personalized Tracking: Keep tabs on the contests you’ve entered with our intuitive tracking tools, and get notified when it’s time to re-enter.
  • Customized Experience: Filter sweepstakes based on your preferences, so you only see the ones that matter most to you.

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